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TLDR? An 18th century funeral director wakes in a dream world with no memories. He must stop a 21st century male escort from joining dream-Hitler or the Earth is doomed. He can’t leave REM until he remembers his waking life. When he remembers he has a wife, it’s a bit of a problem, ’cause he’s pretty sure he’s gay.

There’s also giant cats that get you high. Read the full blurb here and preorder here.

I have decided to self-publish REM World! Which means this trilogy will definitely be complete! You will have the first book in this series in your hands in the fall of 2021. No more waiting, no more uncertainty. This is happening. I can’t wait for you to meet Julian, Miles, Dazen, Adrian, and so many more! They’re a lovable mess, I promise! ♥


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Sweet dreams.

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