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My favorite piece of writing on here right now is Twice Shy, so I’d suggest you go an take a look at that! It’s a free novel I’m writing in between revising REM World (to clear my palette and gimme a break).

A quick snippet of Twice Shy, updated every Wednesday:

He gestures for her to cross the street with him, but Victory hesitates.

Clay catches it. Coming back onto the sidewalk from the road, worry lines his forehead. “Victory, I know what Roxy must have said to you. If you don’t want Ben in the house, I’ll understand. But I swear he never did anything to her.”

Fear and anxiety already did a number on her heart rate, but anger pushes it to the limits. “Oh, you were there that night? You were in the car when he drove her home? You and Ben tucked her in together?”

His eyebrows lower, darkening his silvery gray eyes into something more like storm clouds. “No, but I know Ben. He’s been my best friend since kindergarten. Roxy – ”

Victory shakes her head, putting her hands up in a signal for him to stop. “Ted Bundy seemed like a real swell guy to everyone who knew him, too.”

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