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I’m so glad everyone who read REM World: Lucid seemed to really enjoy it. I will be working on the sequel soon, but I’ve been very busy with life stuff since publishing the first book in this series. I’ve been furthering my day career and will be purchasing a house this year (with any luck). Keep your eyes peeled for the latest installment. Every day that passes, the siren’s call to continue writing becomes that much more difficult to ignore. I’ll likely start working on it again very soon. Follow me on Twitter (@By_LREvans) for real-time updates.

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3) Drink plenty of water!

REM World: Lucid is now available in paperback and eBook on Amazon! Click here to order!

The Blurb

Thirty-one, funeral director, London.

That’s pretty much all Julian Desmond remembers from his waking life.

He wakes in a dimension that can only be accessed via dreams (REM World). A rock monster tells him dreams are real and they can kill him.

The Resistance promises to protect him, but when he receives his Gift of premonition, he learns it’s at a price.

Laughing Man seems clueless, harmless, even doltish. But he’s evidently destined to join forces with an immortal tyrant.

Julian chooses to save his life.

He intends to use him as leverage, but as the nights wear on and he grows more powerful, will he come to regret it?


⫷ A harrowing journey of self-destruction, addiction, grief, trauma, and healing. ⫸

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Jodi Jensen Review
From the first moment to the last, L.R. will keep you on the edge of your seat. And in the midst of trying to choose sides in an ongoing conflict between those who seek to free REM World’s inhabitants, and those who would enslave them, the characters face some brutal real-life issues. L.R. doesn’t shy away from showing the reader the effects of trauma. This aspect of the story added a layer of depth not often seen in this genre and developed Julian’s character in a way that felt raw and honest. Even the way the character copes with his traumas is true to life, which is refreshing in a fantasy setting such as this one.

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