Welcome to REM World, Traveler!

We’re glad to have you here!Before we start, some ground rules.

1) Avoid the red X crowd.

2) Hang with giant cats when you want to party.

And, above all:

3) Drink plenty of water!

REM World: Lucid goes on preorder this summer of 2021! Which means it will be in your hands no later than the fall of 2021! Want to help this book succeed in the sea of titles on Amazon and Goodreads? Join my street team! You get a free copy when you do, as well. (How else are you going to review it? 😉)

Thirty-one, funeral director, London.

That’s pretty much all Julian Desmond remembers from his waking life.

He wakes in a dimension that can only be accessed via dreams (REM World). A rock monster tells him dreams are real and they can kill him.

The Resistance promises to protect him, but when he receives his Gift of premonition, he learns it’s at a price.

Laughing Man seems clueless, harmless, even doltish. But he’s evidently destined to join forces with an immortal tyrant.

Julian chooses to save his life.

He intends to use him as leverage, but as the nights wear on and he grows more powerful, will he come to regret it?


⫷A harrowing journey of self-destruction, addiction, grief, trauma, and healing.⫸


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