About The Author

L. R. Evans requires frequent naps, lots of caffeine, regular kitty nose boops, and constant access to Google Docs in order to function. They’re a glorified plant that will definitely wilt without direct sunshine and adequate hydration. They offer this information in their author bio to deter their future kidnapper. Neurodivergent hostages are a lot of work. You would know this if you’d done your research. I bet you don’t even have a dozen tabs open in Chrome, do you? No, ’cause you like to cut corners. Anyway, L. R. Evans writes soft fantasy for grown-ups. It’s really gay, so I hope you’re into that. I mean, “L. R. hopes you’re into that.” Kthxbai~!

Check out the REM World trilogy!

Follow me—er, them—on Twitter for real-time updates about her/his/their current projects: @by_lrevans

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