“Don’t smile because it’s over. Cry because it happened.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book tore my heart out and made me like it. Alistair Caradec is a demon who learned how to type. That’s the only way I can explain how he writes characters who are so thoroughly tormented inside and out. And I do mean inside […]

REM World: First Three Chapters

Well, you made it all the way here! You get a cookie. NEW! Download or view the first three chapters of REM World: Lucid! I’ve copied and pasted the text below the viewer, as a last resort option for would-be readers. Please consider sharing this page to your social media if you like what I’ve […]

How To Keep Track Of Time In Your Novel

Hey there, Travelers & Dreamers! Today we’re gonna talk about pacing your novel and why it’s important! Let’s say you’re writing your novel, or reading one, and halfway through the characters confess their undying love for each other. Or your MC develops a major super power, something so strong and skilled that only masters have […]

How To Outline Your Novel

Hey there, Travelers & Dreamers! Outlining your novel is a super fun exercise, actually. There’s no hard-and-fast rules for how to do it, as long as it makes sense to you. Nobody else is going to see your outline. Plus it’s a great way to prepare for the synopsis you’ll eventually have to write. (A […]

How Slavery Still Impacts The Black Community Today

Racism. Police brutality. College. Career. Housing. Healthcare. These are the reasons Black Lives Matter is loud as all hell in 2020. Plenty of people – both white and black – seem to think that the impact of slavery is minimal at best today. I’m writing this article to tell you why it is not. Some […]

Twice Shy, Chapter Two

Wrong Chapter? Back to Table of Contents TRIGGER WARNING: Brief mentions of abuse. Chapter Two: Roxy “Clay Mitchell?” repeats Michael, his hazel eyes round with disbelief. He wipes perspiration from his mahogany forehead, averting his gaze with a heavy sigh. “What?” asks Victory, furrowing her brow. “Nothing.” His voice tilts up at the end in […]

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Twice Shy, Chapter One

Wrong Chapter? Back to Table of Contents Chapter One: Rent Victory Crenshaw cannot stop chewing her fingernails. Well, the skin around them at this point. She’s only been in college for one semester and already she’s on the brink of them showing her the door. Her math is correct, though. All fourteen times she scribbled […]

Necessary Evils, Epilogue

Wrong chapter? Back to Table of Contents WARNING: Triggers for physical/sexual abuse. Epilogue: Safe As the TARDIS hovered in space, a bright white light began to grow in the control room. Rose and I watched all of the companion doppelgangers smiling at us, the light emitting from them. They waved and blinked out of the […]

Necessary Evils, Chapter 10

Wrong chapter? Back to Table of Contents WARNING: Triggers for physical/sexual abuse. Chapter Ten: When Angels Die I heard the TARDIS door open down the corridor. We’re in. Closing my eyes, and reopening them, I watched the Master through her eyes. He released her, shutting the door, and she ran toward the left corridor. She turned […]

Necessary Evils, Chapter 9

Wrong chapter? Back to Table of Contents WARNING: Triggers for physical/sexual abuse. Chapter Nine: Reflection The Master crawled out from the clothes, turning to face me with furious eyes. Current Amy reached down to take Child Amy’s hand, beginning to glow. We stood on the sidewalk where we all met before, and Teenaged Amy stood […]