Insomnia Is A Bitch & Destroys My Circadian Rhythm


I hate insomnia, because I love sleeping. I love that weightless sensation as you’re dragged into unconsciousness. I love that feeling of ‘everything’s okay’ and total relaxation. And I loveΒ dreaming. Oh, I absolutely adore dreaming! All of my dreams are so vivid, they feel real. To the point that when I wake up, I think … Read moreInsomnia Is A Bitch & Destroys My Circadian Rhythm

Book Ideas, Writing, & The Day Job

I’m a bit overwhelmed lately, so I thought writing about it in a blog post was a great idea. As everyone probably already knows (read: I refuse to shut up about it), I’ve chosen to self-publish the REM World trilogy. There’s more about my reasoning behind that here, but today I want to talk about … Read moreBook Ideas, Writing, & The Day Job

Self-Publishing VS Traditional Publishing

Writing a book takes a lot of time and energy. You pour your own emotions and experiences into your characters, twist the world you live in to create something new and complex. It takes years of brainstorming, writing, editing, brainstorming some more, rewriting…and eventually you have a 100,000+ word book. And you may have written … Read moreSelf-Publishing VS Traditional Publishing