Man Guy River Clouds Sun Sunset  - Norexy_art / Pixabay

The Broken Gift

Today is Saturday. I’m at a picnic table, an empty one, at a park by the riverside. It’s only a park because there are a few benches and picnic tables here. Otherwise, it would only be the river and some grass. It’s odd how one thing can change the entire meaning of something. I’m supposed […]

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Shades of Green

I know this is a dream because I recognize the shade of green. A tingle of anticipation ripples through me, more a mental sensation than physical. Then again, without a physical brain, sensations can’t really be felt. Until they reach the brain, the feelings are only signals. So are thoughts. Would I cease to exist […]

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The Pistols

The wind rushing through the cracked windows soothed her busy mind. Bills were due and her pockets were running out of spare change. The van drove on, taking her to yet another busted town that did little more than tickle her bank account. They closed the windows, allowing the mindless prattle of her boss and […]

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Marrying Death

Here’s a story I wrote for an iWriter client awhile back. It’s published on Spark Fiction under someone else’s name because I ghost wrote it, but…eh. Here it is anyway. Lol How wonderful it must be to control your own fate. I’m lost in a daydream when they face me toward the mirror, imagining a […]