Book Ideas, Writing, & The Day Job

I’m a bit overwhelmed lately, so I thought writing about it in a blog post was a great idea. As everyone probably already knows (read: I refuse to shut up about it), I’ve chosen to self-publish the REM World trilogy. There’s more about my reasoning behind that here, but today I want to talk about how this decision is stressing me out.

Self-publishing requires money. I mean, so does a successful traditional book launch, but you have more upfront costs with indie publishing. If you do it right. And while I’ve found relatively inexpensive options without compromising quality for most of what I need, the truth of the matter is I don’t have the funds right now.

Bringing me to the ‘day job’ topic. I want to write so damn bad. I feel so inspired, book ideasβ€”most for long-running seriesβ€”are flooding into me. It’s like my muse has decided to stop hovering near me and just outright possess me. And I want to write REM World, too. I won’t work on anything else until it’s done.

But I can’t write right now. I have to work my day job. Because if I don’t start making money now, I’m going to get behind my schedule to release REM World: Lucid. I still have an open invoice with my editor and I need to make a down payment for the cover art. These are must-haves before I publish. And let’s not even get started on the marketing budget I’m going to need as a debut indie author. That’s something I can’t cut.

So basically, I’m writing this blog post to complain that I can’t write because I have to make money. I’ve done this before in my Impostor Syndrome post (which I’ve been re-reading).

I know I can do this, though. I know it. The next three months, I will just have to make the sacrifice. I’ll throw myself into my work and amass as much money as I possibly can. I’ll try to schedule my writing for the evenings, write a few hundred words each night at minimum, and focus on real estate. But I have to accept that now is not the time to devote myself to writing.

Or to put it in more inspiring words: I have to devote myself to my writing by devoting myself to my job.

REM World: Lucid will have an excellent debut. I will ensure that it is everything I’ve been imagining. I will travel all over the state for the launch. I will secure ARC reviewers, both with and without platforms. I will sell one-hundred copies a day.

Over-ambitious? No such thing, so long as you have a plan. I have a plan. I will see it through.

REM World is coming, come hell or high water. I thank each and every one of you for your part in helping this dream succeed.

Sweet dreams, Travelers & Dreamers.

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