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I write a lot, including here on this website, so here are the CliffsNotes:

  1. We’re located at 203 Broadway Street, Suite A, Jackson, OH 45640 (Next to the Corner Pub, inside Vani-T’s!)
  2. Chapters & Pages Book Nook is a bookstore. We sell books here, mainly used.
  3. The bookstore is also a writer hangout. Local writers can come in for Writer’s Retreats to share their work with other writers and receive feedback.
  4. The Nook hosts live author readings every Saturday at 6PM. Tickets are always $10 and the proceeds are always split between the author and the Nook.
  5. First live author reading is on April 15th @ 6PM. I will be reading from my own book at the Grand Opening on May 6th @ 6PM. For a full schedule of authors reading at the Nook, visit my Saturday Spotlights page. (There’s also info on how you could read from your book at the Nook!)

About Your Host

My name is Lynn (Luc) Evans and I’m the owner of Chapters & Pages Book Nook.

I’m also an author!

Here’s a snapshot of what my writing career has looked like over the years:

Age 12: Wrote a novella about a lost dog.

Age 15: Wrote the first book of a doomed fantasy series. (Will revisit again someday…)

Age 26: Self-published my first paranormal YA novel.

Age 31: Self-published my first 135k fantasy novel, the first in a trilogy.

Age 33: Signed a contract with Castle Carrington Publishing Group for the REM World trilogy.

The road to get here was a lot longer than it needed to be and for a lot of different reasons. But I feel as if it would’ve gone a lot smoother if I’d had a writing community that shared my passion earlier on in life.

I grew up in Jackson, Waverly, Wellston, Hamden, and Beaver. There weren’t a lot of resources for someone with a desire to become a career novelist. I certainly didn’t have a community of writers with whom to confer and share my work, either.

Even as an adult, I had to heavily rely on my sister and niece to read my work. There just isn’t anywhere in southern Ohio for writers to meet and share their writing.

Let’s change that.

I’m inviting all local authors, published or otherwise, to attend my FREE Late Night Writer’s Retreats at Chapters & Pages Book Nook from 8PM to midnight every Friday and Sunday. Friday’s Writer’s Retreats are rated ‘E’ for everyone and will NOT feature sensitive or explicit content. Sunday’s Late Night Writer’s Retreats WILL be open to all genres and trigger warnings, including erotica and traumatic scenes.

Anyone under 18 must provide a note from their guardians before entering the Retreat on a Sunday, including a phone number to confirm with the guardian. Nobody under 18 will be admitted without clearing this screening process on Sunday nights. Bring your ID or driver’s license.

Children 18 years and under can attend Writer’s Retreats on Saturday mornings from 10AM to 2PM!

For the full schedule, visit my Writing Sprints page.

I want Chapters & Pages Book Nook to be a special place for writers of all ages in the southern Ohio area. If you’re a writer, I know you crave “shop talk” as much as I do.

“Does this word sound right?”

“If I describe it this way, do you understand what I mean? Am I just re-inventing the wheel?”

“Do you think this character has a strong enough motive to do XYZ?”

If your family and friends are tired of reading and re-reading your work to give you their opinion, come on in to Chapters & Pages Book Nook! We’re never sick of your writing.

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