Chaste Kingdom: New Dystopian Novella

Three-hundred years in our future, a mutated strain of Chlamydia changes the world. Those born with the Gene that gives them immunity to the C.Trach-27 virus are called Chastes, marked by their sparkling hair. Chastes are immune to this STD, which necessitates sexual release once a day. Only Chastes can hold office and rule over the kingdom of America, because their judgment will not be clouded by lust.

But they must remain sexually pure/abstinent their entire lives.

In a society where chastity is synonymous with morality, a Chaste would rather die than ‘dull their hair’ with sexual indulgence. But when a new outbreak of the virus sweeps through the Capitol, their convictions are put to the test. C.Trach-27 is mutating again for the first time in 250 years, becoming deadly to Chastes and Trachs alike.

Lady Darlina, interim High Glory, must combat her addictions and her recently disgraced mother to save her people. But when the cure challenges the values of the Capitol, she risks dismantling her kingdom before she can even wear the crown.

Chaste Kingdom by L. R. Evans goes to the query stage on March 31st! Follow me on Twitter (@LLynnevans) or subscribe to the website for pre-order notifications!

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