Dream: Radioactive Dogs & Cults

TLDR: My friends and I joined a cult in my dream for no reason. Then they died and I woke up. (Also, I have no clue who these ‘friends’ are in real life.)

Someone was telling me how a kid died because a radioactive flaming dog jumped on the kid. The dog burned up and gave the kid third degree burns, which killed the boy, I guess. Then I’m in third-person, hovering over a magazine story. These two kids are propped up against each other, wearing sunglasses and red T-shirts. There’s a man with scraggly brown hair and an unkempt beard standing beside them. The first boy is sitting up, but the smaller one is leaning against the older one.

I have to look closely, but yep, the youngest boy is dead in the picture. Apparently the grown man in the pic is the leader of a cult and the kid died on his compound. He convinced the parents that the kid was going to raise from the dead on a certain day. But, shocker, the kid stayed dead. He was claiming he was communicating with the little boy and that his spirit had even made its way back to the compound’s playground.

It cuts to a scene (like a documentary) where the father sits in the last place a photo was taken of his son, minutes before the little boy’s death. The article was written to bring heat down on the cult leader. Still in third-person, I watch different groups of people come into the cult leader’s office to try to debunk him.

There are mirrors or panes of glass that, at first, I thought were there so that the cult leader could pull off illusions. The more he talks, the more interested little ole third-party me becomes. So I go first-person and I’m there with two guys in front of the cult leader’s desk. The one guy’s in his twenties and the other looks like he hasn’t even hit puberty yet. But me and the two guys I was with who came to debunk the cult leader started like, materializing and dematerializing and shit.

So, naturally, I joined up. I’m in this little bunk in the compound with the two guys I came with, seriously rethinking my decision. Like, what the fuck was I thinking? I’m in a cult now! But then I was like, at least I’m here with my friends. And I don’t have any bills or responsibilities or anything, which is nice. But then both of my friends start coughing up blood and die.

Then I wake up. Welcome to my brain.

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