Everything You Want Is In A Book

Romance, adventure, magical powers… There’s only one way you can have it exactly the way you want it and that’s in fiction. Not just any fiction, but books. Sure, you can get all this from television and movies. But a book makes it more visceral, draws you in and envelops you in the most intimate kind of embrace.

You can be the main character. It’s too easy to forget you aren’t the protagonist when you’re reading, in my experience. You can imagine them however you like, after all, without the constant reminder of how the author intended them to look. In movies and TV, you kinda can’t escape it.

The reason I write books is because I imagine worlds and scenarios and people that I will never experience or meet. And I haven’t found them in other stories. I’ve found pieces of them, sure, but nothing that hit in just the right way. It was an imperfect reflection of what I really wanted, so I wrote.

And now I have Julian and Dazen and Miles and Laurel and Adrian and…

Okay, I’ll stop. But the point of this blog post is to remind you of your power, whether you call yourself a writer or not. Whatever you’re longing for in life, you can have it. If you can imagine it, you have it in your possession already. Love? Write out the love story you wish you could have. Adventure? Construct a wild ride with dragons or gunfights or a space odyssey! Want to fly? Read minds? Cause fires with your thoughts? Write a book. Write a short story. Just write. ♥

If you can’t tell, I’m getting excited to start drafting again! Keep your eyes on my Twitter. You know I’m going to be sharing tiny snippets of the second book in the REM World trilogy as I write it! And if you haven’t already read the first book, you can order Lucid here!

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