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This month, I struggled to think of what to write in my newsletter. I did finish editing REM World: Great Awakening and I did start to query, but other than that, there wasn’t much going on. And honestly, the sudden slow-down once I hit the querying stage of my writing journey sort of…slowed me down.

When you’ve come to the part of your journey where you have to wait, it deadens you. No, maybe not you. But it does me. I like to go, go, go! I want to actively participate in my own success every day. I want to know that effort I put in is effort well spent, that it will yield results. Real, tangible results that moves me forward.

And waiting for a rejection letter wasn’t doing that for me. It’s like I lost it all. And it wasn’t the sting of the rejections, either, which I know many writers struggle to overcome. No, it was the fact that I wasn’t doing anything. Not really. I was waiting. Just waiting to see if someone else would give me permission to move forward. If you know anything about me by now, it’s that I despise being told what to do. I loathe my fate becoming dependent on another person.

For this reason and for many others, I’ve decided to self-publish REM World: Great Awakening, the first book in an adult fantasy trilogy. And with this decision, I know exactly what to write in my February newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed already, do so now with the form below. I will tell you about how I plan to make REM World a success and where I currently stand in the process. I’ll be doing giveaways exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. To be added in twice, you can also add your email to the Preorder Alert List, which will be used strictly to notify readers when REM World goes on preorder.

Thank you all so much for supporting me and the REM trilogy all this time. It’s been a long, tireless journey, but because of all of you, we’re about to see the fruits of our labor together.

I can’t thank my critique partners, editor, beta readers, and those who allowed me to interview them for my YouTube channel enough. And there’s so many more who helped in so many other ways—too many to list. I definitely feel loved and supported by all of you. So, thank you for your past and continued support. It keeps my passion hot and alive in my veins.

To read the first three chapters of REM World: Great Awakening, you can visit this page. It’s available in a bookmarkable flipbook format or a scrolling webpage.


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