Hey, look. It’s my face.

Welcome to Wordspell, a writing resource for fantasy authors! I don’t do the third-person bio thing. Well, unless an agent is signing me and this is the condition. Then I’ll even do second-person!

Oh, my god! Could you imagine???

You are L. R. Evans, writer of fantasy novels aimed at adults (but in a non-threatening way). Your latest novel, REM World, is the first in a trilogy. You need only escape the vicious cycle of revisions to achieve your dreams. Go forth, L. R. Evans, and succeed!

Dude, not gonna lie. That pumped me up. I’m doing all my bios in second person now. Oh, wait, forgot something:

You own two cats, Artemis and Orion. You love them better than most humans.

How’s that feel, eh? You’re now co-parenting my cats. Alright, well, here’s my bio. I hope that Wordspell will grow to be an invaluable writing resource for fantasy authors. Whether you write young adult, new adult, or plain ol’ adult fantasy, I hope the tips you find here will help you improve your writing!

And remember: The world needs your story.