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Book trailer for REM World: Lucid

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Audiobook will begin production October 2021 and is expected to release December 2021. It will be narrated by the incredibly skilled, Nigel Peever.

Word count: 130,000 words (approx.) or 413 pages (6×9 paperback)

Genre: Fantasy

Age Category: Adult

Trigger Warnings: Sexual abuse, addiction ***Appropriately handled. Not in any way gratuitous. I use sensitivity readers and am a survivor myself.***

Professionally edited by the fastidious Jodi Jensen (Champagne Books).

Preorder Launch: June 1st, 2021

Release Date: August 31st, 2021

Formats currently available: Digital (epub, mobi, PDF)

Distribution: Amazon (paperback), Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo, Audible, and more!


Thirty-one, funeral director, London.

That’s pretty much all Julian Desmond remembers from his waking life.

He wakes in a dimension that can only be accessed via dreams (REM World). A rock monster tells him dreams are real and they can kill him.

The Resistance promises to protect him, but when he receives his Gift of premonition, he learns it’s at a price.

Laughing Man seems clueless, harmless, even doltish. But he’s evidently destined to join forces with an immortal tyrant.

Julian chooses to save his life.

He intends to use him as leverage, but as the nights wear on and he grows more powerful, will he come to regret it?


⫷ A harrowing journey of self-destruction, addiction, grief, trauma, and healing. ⫸

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L. R. Evans is a neurodivergent adult fantasy author who likes to ask “What if?” way too much. Most of her stories explore the world she lives in through a new and different lens. A strong supporter of human rights, she takes every opportunity to include people from all walks of life in her stories. All humans are powerful, for good or ill, and this is reflected in her work. She believes this world is our classroom and we are all teachers and students simultaneously. She hopes her stories will help her grow and evolve as she writes them, while also helping readers do the same as they enjoy them. She loves her two cats more than most humans and thinks they have the right idea about frequent naps.

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