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REM World – Where Dreams Come True

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REM World is a fantasy trilogy featuring two gay male leads – Julian Desmond and Miles Credence. Julian is an 18th century funeral director who wakes up in REM World one night with no memory of himself. He doesn’t know how he got there at all, only that his dream characters tell him that he’s entered some other world.

As time goes on, he begins to recover some memories, but almost all of them are so traumatic that he quickly abandons his efforts to remember. All this time, he is taken in by the Resistance, who fights a silent battle against Titus and his Titans.

Titus is a Traveler Supremacist, meaning that he believes that those who were not born in REM World are the superior races and all others are little more than animals. He has a massive army that affords him unbelievable personal power through a process called “melding”.

However, Julian soon starts to question whether he wants to ally himself with the Resistance, unhappy with their secrecy and hushed whispers concerning him. When they at last show how ruthless they are in this fight against Titus, Julian sets out on his own in the strange world. But it is not long until disaster strikes again.

Julian receives his Gift, something most travelers and natives receive after a short time in REM, and he believes it to be the Gift of premonition. In his vision, a blond man joins forces with Titus and takes the tyrant’s power to new heights. But when Julian finds this man, he discovers that Miles Credence is a 21st century male escort with no idea what Julian is talking about. He has never traveled in REM before.

So, now Julian must secure him as an ally in his own fight against Titus, or be forced to kill the man in cold blood. As time wears on, however, will Julian be able to remain impartial? The longer he stays beside Miles, the further he strays from his self-imposed purpose. ♥

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