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FIRST QUERY SENT: 01/23/2021

REM World – Where Dreams Come True

Julian Desmond, an 18th century funeral director from London, wakes in a dream world with no memories. Jax is the leader of the Resistance. He tells Julian if he dies in REM, he dies for real. Julian can’t wake up without his memories. If he remembers too much too fast, it will send him into Failure and kill him.

Then Julian receives the Gift of premonition, forewarning of a threat to REM and Earth. A deity-like ‘Laughing Man’ will join Titus, an immortal, ‘specist’ tyrant who rules half of REM. When Jax threatens Julian, he uses Laughing Man (Miles Credence) as leverage against him. Miles seems harmless, but as the nights pass, Julian may come to regret his decision.

In REM World, dive into relationship dynamics rarely written about in other fictional works. While the closeted Julian comes to grips with his sexuality, the list of people he can trust is almost nonexistent. REM World explores the consequences of sexual assault on the victim and the pitfalls of substance abuse/addiction. ‘If you ignore your problems, you’re doomed to repeat them.’

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