The Life of Miles Credence series (exclusive to Wordspell)

Part One

REM World is L. R. Evans’ current work in progress! It is the first installment in an adult fantasy trilogy. I’m in revisions at the moment, but I will be pursuing the traditional route of publication for the REM World series.


Dreams are real and they can kill you. A 21st century male escort and an 18th century funeral director join forces against an immortal tyrant in a dream world.

Julian Desmond wakes up in REM World one day, a dream world where all dimensions of the universe converge, and can’t leave. For all intents and purposes, REM World is his only reality. He doesn’t even remember his waking life at first, though later he remembers he’s an 18th century funeral director in London.

In this new world where some people are made of rocks and others have wings and still others can transform into beasts, Julian must learn to navigate his new life. Thankfully, the Resistance takes him in while he adjusts. As his memories begin to return, though, he develops a bizarre ability of his own: The ability to see the future.

His first vision is of a man who laughs maniacally beside Titus, the immortal tyrant the Resistance vows to dethrone. Knowing the powers Laughing Man displayed in the vision could cost them the war, Julian sets out to intercept the human.

But when he finds Laughing Man (Miles Credence), the new traveler claims innocence. He has never traveled in REM before and is only a humble male escort from the 21st century. Julian knows that the smart thing to do is kill Miles before his powers manifest and he joins forces with Titus.

But that becomes more difficult as Julian’s more traumatic memories resurface and Miles helps him through them. How can he kill a man who is quickly becoming the closest person to him?