Reviews for REM World: Lucid

“Lucid by L.R. Evans is a highly imaginative adventure set in REM World, a place that exists only in dreams. Filled with a cast of fantastical characters who have real world problems in a not-so-real existence. I loved that the lines of reality were so blurred I was always guessing, right along with the main character, Julian, about what was real and what wasn’t. This type of surrealism is hard to come by and L.R. does it well. 

From the first moment to the last, L.R. will keep you on the edge of your seat. And in the midst of trying to choose sides in an ongoing conflict between those who seek to free REM World’s inhabitants, and those who would enslave them, the characters face some brutal real-life issues. L.R. doesn’t shy away from showing the reader the effects of trauma. This aspect of the story added a layer of depth not often seen in this genre and developed Julian’s character in a way that felt raw and honest. Even the way the character copes with his traumas is true to life, which is refreshing in a fantasy setting such as this one. 

The supporting cast of characters play their roles with such precision that you feel as if every one of them is essential to the story, and to Julian. L.R. did a masterful job in her creation of each character, making them perfectly flawed, and keeping the reader on their toes as we navigate REM World and try to decide who is on which side. 

All in all, an intense read with unforgettable characters and emotionally charged obstacles. A fantastic debut novel by up and coming author, L.R. Evans.”

Jodi Jensen, Editor (Champagne Books)

“This book had me in tears, wondering what was happening and on the edge of my seat throughout. Julian’s life is a literal roller coaster and L. R. Evans has taken us on that ride. Just when you think you know what is happening, no you do not. I cannot wait for book 2! A must read!”

Tiffany Wolford, Beta Reader

“SOOOOOO….I just finished this book and I’m telling you….it’s not my typical genre, buuuuutttt…..if you aren’t reading it, you definitely need to!! It has so many twists and turns and I not only had some feelings of anxiety in one section but then cried for a crazy situation later. An emotional rollercoaster ride that will keep you turning the page just to get satisfaction. Don’t put this book down and forget about it. You’ll be sorry you did and I’m hard to please!!! I’m very curious to hear everyone else’s opinions in this one!”

— Donna McNerlin, beta reader

“I really liked REM World! There’s literally no other book out there even remotely close to it, in my opinion. I loved how you grew with the book. Like you didn’t just come out and give the plot you built the characters with each chapter. It kept my attention! You totally left a cliffhanger at the end though!”

— Alexandria Castle, beta reader

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