Saturday Spotlights

Scheduled Author Readings

Kornelia Blackmore (Saturday, April 15th @ 6PM)

While our grand opening won’t be until May 6th, the public will have an opportunity to peek into our cozy Book Nook on April 15th. The immensely talented KORNELIA BLACKMORE will be flying in from Maryland to read from her various works, spanning from supernatural romance to horror. (Possible explicit content.) Call for tickets or visit the Eventbrite link on our Facebook page.

L. R. Evans (Saturday, May 6th @ 6PM)

L. R. Evans is a neurodivergent adult fantasy author who likes to ask “What if?” way too much. Most of their stories explore the world they live in through a unique lens. A strong supporter of human rights, they take every opportunity to include people from all walks of life in their stories. All humans are powerful, for good or ill, and this is reflected in their work. They believe this world is our classroom and we’re all teachers and students simultaneously. They hope their stories will help them grow and evolve as they write them, while also helping readers do the same as they enjoy them. They love their two cats more than most humans and think they have the right idea about frequent naps.

Check out the REM World trilogy!

Follow them on Twitter for real-time updates about their current projects: @by_LREvans

About Saturday Spotlights

If you’ve landed on this page from one of my flyers, then that means you’ve probably written a whole book already. Maybe you’ve self-published it and you’re trying to catch the interest of more readers. Or maybe you even have a traditional publishing deal and want to do more events for advertising purposes.

Chapters & Pages Book Nook wants to help you with that! It’s my goal to have an author in my bookstore every Saturday, reading from their published works. It doesn’t matter how or what you published, either. Self-published or traditional, children’s books or erotica, full length novels or a collection of poems. You are a writer and I want people to hear your work.

Stage Fright? Let me help!

I understand some writers may be nervous about public speaking, as well. If you’d like to try reading on a Saturday, but you’re afraid you’ll run from the room, screaming with stage fright, I’m here for you. We’ll do practice sessions together until you feel comfortable reading in front of others, if you like.


Oh, right, and all of this is free! I’ll sell tickets for people to come to your reading and I’ll share the proceeds with you 50/50. Half to the Book Nook and half to you. You’ll keep all profits from book sales you execute during the event, as well.

So, if you think you’re ready now, call or text me at 614.828.7606

I can’t wait to hear your story!

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