Number 3773 – Elle was illegally adopted by a drug addict as a baby. After her mother dies, her strange tattoo changes her entire life.

Cynthia’s Destiny – A mother leaves her toddler to go to work, despite the little girl’s pleas for her to stay. When she returns, her entire life is upended. (Continuing story.)

The Broken Gift – This is a story about how one man learned the value of the greatest gift of all. But is it too late?

Shades of Green – A girl enjoys one of her favorite dreams. She feels safe and loved with her dream man. Everything is perfect. But when the Gray starts creeping into her world, this story takes a sinister turn!

The Pistols – They don’t like each other, but they’ll never turn on each other, either! This is a story about loyalty and a “regular” day at the office turned sour.

Marrying Death – A normal teenager turned super-powered prepares for her wedding. By the time she walks down the aisle, she’ll be a different person – literally.

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