Taboo Talk: Kids Swearing

Hey, Travelers & Dreamers! Over the course of the next several weeks, I’m going to go through a list of common (and not so common) taboos. Some of the views I provide on each of them might surprise you (others, maybe not so much). This will be a blog series, so let’s start with the first debate topic…

Kids Swearing

We’ve all heard a mother chastise their kid in a grocery store for saying a “bad” word. We all instinctively know that children are not supposed to say swear words, right?

But why? Seriously, why is it wrong? They’re just words, after all. It’s not like they’re using racial slurs or threatening someone with violence. They’re just using “taboo” slang and adjectives.

“But it doesn’t sound good, Lynn! Children are supposed to be innocent!” Um, okay. So, swearing makes kids look bad, then? Swearing makes adults look bad? There’s a large swathe of people who think swearing makes people sound low-class. But again: Why?

What is so bad about words that don’t hurt anyone at all? I’ll tell you what it is. For the longest time, this country was deeply religious. The earliest settlers thought exposed ankles were scandalous. If you were a woman, you were expected to do whatever a man told you to do, keep your opinions to yourself, and basically just be a slave to your household.

And children were supposed to be seen and not heard in much the same way. We’ve decided that children should only be sweet and kind and angelic. But they are people. They are human beings, the same as ourselves.

We’re just now starting to come out from under that. There’s nothing wrong with being a devout Christian…but pick your damn battles! A good woman can wear a low-cut blouse and a good child can say “Shit!” when something surprising happens.

While we’re on the subject of kids being their own people…

This runs in the same vein as teenagers being thrust into adulthood. They must ask before going to the restroom all through high school. They can’t make any of their own decisions all the way up until 18. Then, when they actually hit “adulthood,” they’re supposed to just know what the f’k to do?

Look, you either want kids to be completely themselves, or you want them to follow your senseless rules. Swearing doesn’t hurt them. It doesn’t cripple their futures. It doesn’t limit their development in any way, shape, or form. So why are we policing this so hard?

“But what if a child cusses out an adult?” you ask. Well, what’s the difference between, “I fucking hate you! I’m going to run away from this shithole!” and “I hate you! I’m going to run away!” from a child? It still means the same thing. The meaning doesn’t change just because they pepper in a few words that only grown-ups are supposed to use.

“But it’s disrespectful!” you screech. Really? And “I hate you!” isn’t disrespectful? Why is “I fucking hate you!” more disrespectful by default? Why are swear words inherently disrespectful all on their own? If an adult said, “I had a shit day,” you wouldn’t be shook to your foundations. (And if you would be, turn on the news. There’s way more important topics to get pissed about.)

The only difference is that some people believe it’s worse. Collective opinion without any deeper thought is a folly. “It’s like this because it’s always been like this,” is not the way for a society to evolve. We have to evaluate our long-held beliefs and figure out whether they’re still worth defending.

Next week, we’ll talk about incest! What do you think my opinion will be about that topic? Leave your comments down below! I’ll answer any questions you have on my YouTube channel when I make a video about this later.

I look forward to hearing your opinions, as well as any recommendations for other topics!

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