Writer’s Retreats

When are the Writer’s Retreats?

Every Friday: 8PM-Midnight

This Retreat is open to all age groups.

Every Saturday: 10AM-2PM

This Retreat is open to children 18 and under. The earlier start time is for students who cannot attend the other Retreats because it would disrupt their sleep schedule for the following school week. The age cap is to ensure there’s enough time for these students to read their work without the queue getting clogged up with others who could have attended a different Retreat.

Every Sunday: 8PM-Midnight

This Retreat is for writers 18 and over. We will be reading explicit content during these Retreats. If someone under the age of 18 wants to attend this event, they must bring a note from their guardian and the note must include a phone number to confirm with the guardian. Bring your ID or Driver’s License. No exceptions!

What is a Writer’s Retreat?

A Writer’s Retreat is when a group of writers come together and read excerpts of their work in front of a group of people. (If you don’t want to read your work yourself, I’ll happily volunteer to read it aloud for you. Or you can opt to have everyone read it silently to themselves.) After the work is read by the group, everyone in the group tries their best to offer you at least one piece of critique. Critical feedback is the lifeblood of all authors and poets. It’s how we grow and improve our craft!

Who can attend the Writer’s Retreats?

Friday Writer’s Retreats are for all age groups! So even if you’re eight years old and you’ve written a short story for school, you can attend!

Saturday Writer’s Retreats are limited to children 18 years or younger and start at 10AM in the morning, so they can participate without disrupting their sleep schedule for the following school week.

Sunday Writer’s Retreats are reserved for writers eighteen years or older, with the exception of a note from a guardian. The note must include a telephone number for the guardian and the guardian must answer the phone call and confirm that they’ve given permission to the child to attend the adult event.

This is because on Sunday nights, we will be reading from ALL GENRES. This includes erotica and other sensitive or explicit content, including graphic violence, possible SA scenes, and more. Parents and guardians should be aware that if they allow their child to attend a Sunday night Writer’s Retreat, their child may be exposed to this type of content.

Anyone under 18 must provide a note from their guardians before entering the Retreat on a Sunday, including a phone number to confirm with the guardian. Nobody under 18 will be admitted without clearing this screening process on Sunday nights. Bring your ID or driver’s license. NO EXCEPTIONS

Is there a fee?

NOPE! Come on in! The Nook wants to be accessible to all writers, regardless of income. (We will happily accept donations, if you’re so inclined.)

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