Writing Sprints

What is a Writing Sprint?

A Writing Sprint is how we’ll start the first hour of every Writer’s Retreat. For the first 20 minutes, we’ll all write in silence. You can add more words to your current work in progress (WIP), write a new poem, or start an entirely different project. After the 20 minutes, we’ll stop for 10 minutes and there’ll be an opportunity to share our word counts with each other or a line or two from what we’ve just written. Then we’ll do another 20 minute sprint and another 10 minute discussion.

The Retreat will start at promptly 9PM for the Late Night Writer’s Retreats and 11AM for the Children’s Writer’s Retreats.


Friday Writer’s Retreat

8PM – Sprint! Write as much as you can for 20 minutes!

8:20PM – Discussion time! How many words did you add to your WIP? What was your favorite line?

8:30PM – Sprint!

8:50PM – Discussion again! Wow! You got a lot done tonight! Now it’s time for the Retreat!

9PM – Begin the queue of readers! Everyone reads from whatever project they’ve been working on and receives feedback from the group.

Midnight – You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here, ’cause I’m exhausted. Goodnight! Lol

Saturday Writer’s Retreat

10AM – Sprint!

10:20AM – Discuss!

10:30AM – Sprint!

10:50AM – Discuss!

11AM – Writer’s Retreat! Share and receive feedback!

2PM – Writer’s Retreat ends. Great work, everyone!

Sunday Writer’s Retreat

8PM – Sprint!

8:20PM – Discuss!

8:30PM – Sprint!

8:50PM – Discuss!

9PM – Writer’s Retreat begins.

Midnight – Writer’s Retreat ends! Grab a drink from the Corner Pub next door. You deserve it.

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